In Memoriam

The Intermountain Yudanshakai honors those that have come and gone before us. Whether young or old, we honor the lives of those members who blessed us with their spirit, presence, and energy. All of us at the Intermountain Yudanshakai send our heartfelt blessings to the families, friends, and local club members of those that we have lost. May this page be an honored memorial to those members and a constant reminder that we shall never forget.

To submit a memorial in honor of a past Intermountain Yudanshakai member, please visit our contact us page. Please include a photo, name, club, and years of life, we will process these as soon as they are received.

In Memory of Judan
O-Sensei Dr. Jigoro Kano
The Kodokan, Japan

In Memory of
Sensei Kyuzo Mifune
The Kodokan, Japan

In Memory of Sandan
Sensei Quinten Gregory
Fn. Capitol Judo Club

In Memory of Godan
Sensei John Gregory
Fn. Cordova Judo Club