The 2008 Western States Police & Firefighter Games are coming to Boise, ID! – 3/07

The Intermountain Yudanshakai and regional judo community recently received word that the 2008 Western States Police & Firefighter Games are coming to Boise, ID and that judo will be a featured venue. In November of 2006, various police and fire agencies from throughout the Treasure Valley leaped in excitement in the announcement that Idaho won the winning bid and will be hosting the 2008 Western States Police & Firefighter Games.

The Games will run from August 16th – 23rd, a Saturday thru a Sunday, 2008. Competitions include 56 events in all, from golf, track & field, weight lifting, and the Olympic Sport of Judo. Estimated 5-6,000 competitors are expected from hundreds of police and fire agencies all over the west, bringing in an estimate of $10 – 12 Million dollars for the local economy.

Local judo clubs throughout the entire Intermountain Yudanshakai and various other judo organizations are planning on working very closely with the Games event committees. Even though judo has been a featured event at past Games, there is a sense of accomplishment in having a venue of this magnitude in Boise, ID. With ongoing support and successful delivery of such an event, judoka and YDK officials hope to show the country that Boise, ID is a great place to host other large scale judo events like the USA Senior & High School Nationals in the future.

“It’s been a dream to host these games,” said Corporal Mike Perkins of the Boise Police Department, a volunteer board member helping to organize the games. “We’re going to reach out to every agency in the Northwest, and we hope to make the Boise games the biggest yet outside the World competition.”

These games began some 40 years ago as competitions among California police and firefighters. When the Treasure Valley hosts the games in 2008, it will only be the third time the games have been held outside California. The events will be free and open to the public to watch. Eligible competitors must be full time firefighters or law enforcement employees. Events are open to any competitor.

“Tourism is big business for this valley,” said Lisa Edens of the Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau, who were also very instrumental in bringing the winning bid to Idaho. “We are so excited to bring this event, along with the thousands of competitors and visitors to the Treasure Valley”

Mayor Tammy deWeerd from Meridian says city leaders have heard from other former host communities that the games are fun and profitable.

“This is going to be a big deal,” said Mayor deWeerd. “From all we’ve heard, these games are terrific events for kids and families to attend, and our police and firefighters to compete in. Congratulations to all those who worked so hard to bring the games here.”

Background: The board, made up of members of police and fire agencies from Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Ada County, began creating a bid for the 2008 games some 9 months ago. The process included a site visit from the national and world event organizers, the California Police Athletic Foundation in August. During the site visit, all the proposed venues received either an “outstanding” or an “excellent” rating for the committee.

The bid was presented in Mesa, Arizona last week. When other cities interested in hosting the games, including Reno, Mesa, and Los Angeles saw the quality of the Idaho bid, all competitors agreed to postpone their own bids and allow Idaho to host the games in ’08.

So far, the costs for bringing the games to Idaho have been paid through community donations to the Boise PAL program (Police Activities League). Most of the costs for the games themselves are paid by competitor92s entry fees. The board will also try and raise approx. $150,000 in local sponsorship dollars to support the games.

The Loss of a Judoka – Kalan Morinaka – 11/06

It is with somber heart that the Intermountain Yudanshakai announces the loss of 22 year old Kalan Morinaka, son of Noble and Patricia Morinaka. Kalan a student of Willamette University passed away Thursday November 9th 2006 due to complications from Lou Gehrig92s disease.

Kalan was well known to his family, friends, and judo community as a tremendous athlete, leader, giving person, and a truly genuine soul. The Morinaka Family including Kalan92s father Sensei Noble Morinaka, have had a rich tradition of participation in judo in the regional judo community.

The members of the Intermountain Yudanshakai send our deepest sympathies to the Morinaka Family and those that called Kalan friend.

Services were conducted under Lienkaemper Funeral Chapel of Nyssa, OR.

Read article for more details:

A New Intermountain Yudanshakai Logo & Website May Emerge – 07/06

Since the inception of the Intermountain Yudanshakai in the late 196092s, the Intermountain YDK logo has been used to represent the 300+ members that are actively involved in the local judo communities. Though there is speculation who the original artists and authors might be, the message is clear of what they created. The mountain range which is drawn on the emblem represents the two mountain ranges that the Intermountain Region is in between, the Rockies and the Sierras. The Lotus Flower is present in representation of our roots to Japan and the Kodokan, and the Japanese kanji which reads yama-naka-bu and bei-koku, or translated “mountain middle club” and “United States”.

But as the sport of judo continues to adapt to the more modern world, the need for demonstrating a more modern professional presence may emerge. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by remodeling the Intermountain YDK website and logo. President Rocky Lima says “the importance of demonstrating to our youth that judo can be cool while still maintaining the traditional aspects of our sport is so important”.

Due to the overwhelming generosity of Astrata Print & Design, a premier printing and designing firm in Boise, ID who has donated their time and services in creating a redesigned logo, business cards, and website, this modernization of the Intermountain Yudanshakai may become possible. As final proofs of a logo, business card, and website are completed, the final products are scheduled for release and approval at the Strategic Planning meeting on July 29th and 30th.

With any hope the Intermountain Yudanshakai will emerge with a new face but with the same traditional values and goals that it has always promoted.

The Intermountain Yudanshakai Board of Directors & Committees Meet For Annual Meeting – 07/06

The Intermountain Yudanshakai Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, along with various members of the IYDK will be meeting in Ontario, OR for the annual Intermountain Yudanshakai strategic planning and promotion review meeting. Scheduled for both July 29th and 30th, the annual meeting will allow various topics to be discussed along with committee reports, strategic planning for the coming year, promotions, and recruitment.

Along with various discussions the Board of Directors will also complete it92s voting for office elections, while current President Rocky Lima will be step down after completing his 2-year required term which ends Aug 1st.

Meeting minutes will be available for review either by visiting the news section of the IYDK website or by requesting them by e-mailing the Office of the Secretary at

McCall Judo Club Travels to Canada – Archived

13 members of the McCall Judo Club traveled to Lethbridge, Canada for their annual tournament. Out of the 13 competitors, 12 trophies returned home to McCall, 9 of them gold! The members also competed in the team competition, winning the overall title and a huge cup as a trophy. In addition to demonstrating outstanding team competition, Logan Klient and Lee Spencer were selected as the outstanding players of the tournament.

The results of our Intermountain player92s competition:

8 and under: Zack Shields – 1st, Rob Pair – 2nd, Clayton Clark – 1st, Gunnar Baker – 1st
9 and 10: Logan Klient – 1st, Lee Spencer – 1st, Dillon Leavitt – 2nd, Todd Allen – 1st, Levi Blakeway – 1st, Casey Clark – 1st
11 and 12: Jesse West – 1st, Kyle Whalen – 2nd

These judoka represented Idaho and the Intermountain YDK very well and deserve congratulations from all YDK members. Additionally their instructors John Pyle, Tim Hart and Kenny Pyle deserve our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for promoting USA and Intermountain Judo abroad with these fine young judoka.

McCall, Idaho and the Intermountain YDK are proud of their accomplishments.